In February 2017 I left the safe harbor of a corporate career to set sails for a life of passion and purpose on my own terms. This blog is my blank sheet of paper where I most openly and honestly share my inner thoughts, feelings and insights, as I go through this life change. It is also a channel to track my progress and to perhaps help or inspire people that want to make a similar move.

For the past years I have had what some people might consider a dream life; an exciting international career for a great company with great benefits in exotic locations, a luxurious apartment and an incredible home, the car I always dreamt of, and I feel so blessed from all the amazing trips and travels my income enabled me to do. I was almost 100% happy and fully content with my life, almost. But there was something missing, it just wasn’t quite my dream. So I decided not to settle and gave it all up, in search for a life of passion and purpose, to build more meaning into my life.


My Personal and Professional Background

I come from a Swedish family of artists and entrepreneurs, neither of my parents went to high school. My dad started a printing business at the age of 17 while my mom explored the world across the Atlantic. I grew up a single child with my mom in rather humble circumstances. After academic studies in Sweden, Spain, USA, Brazil and India (I’m so thankful we have free education!), I built an international career in business and rapidly advanced through roles in Sweden, Bangladesh and Spain. My curiosity to understand how people view the same world differently has taken me to visit 60+ countries and I’ve lived in seven. I graduated from the best business school in Northern Europe and my curiosity to understand how people think and behave steered me towards a Masters in consumer marketing. I’ve always been burning with curiosity and ever since my first big life choices I have always wished I had ten life times to be able to experience and try it all. Because of this, my course in life has not been super straight and I started out in the fields of advertising, music and cosmetics, before I was recruited by H&M. I threw myself at it and at age 26 I found myself second in charge of H&M’s production in Bangladesh in an office of 500+ executives and a multi Billion USD purchasing budget, indirectly employing over half a million workers, which put me on a list of top super talents in Sweden in 2013. I had my own top floor fancy corner office, staff responsibility, and an enormous influence. It was flat out crazy, and the “success” was addictive.

After taking on a personal dream and challenge of circumnavigating the globe without flying and without technology, I resettled on the other side of the value chain within H&M, was trained by some of the best negotiators in the world, and became H&M’s professional negotiator and expansion strategist for new retail stores in Spain. I went to every little medieval Spanish town and met with agents and landlords. I built business cases and signed multi million euro deals, sitting across tables in dark old board rooms with old powerful men that all wondered how someone as young as me could be in charge. It all felt so surrealistic, so scarily empowering.


About Who I am and My Life Philosophy

As an ambivert, I am an introspective and reflective person who loves an alone silent moment in nature as much as I love being at the center of the party. I am addicted to extending my comfort zone and to widen my own perspective and worldview. I constantly push myself into situations that I am afraid of, like standing on a stage or pouring out my inner personal emotions publicly in a blog. I am convinced that my fear is my greatest source of personal development and strength. I believe in honesty, simplicity, and authenticity as corner stones for a life well lived. The big decisions in my life are determined by the potential for personal growth and positive impact, and my everyday life is ruled by a minimalistic lifestyle in harmony with nature and the world.

My guiding principle in life is to not postpone something I want to do that I can do right now (because even though I’ve always wished I could have ten lives, there is no proof that we get to live again, and who knows when this one ends). The rule “if you’re hesitant, remove rather than keep” guides my consumption, my work, my habits, my thoughts and my relationships. It gives me simplicity, quality and focus. Not many things are more important to me than being authentic and being real to myself and to the world around me. My freedom is what I value the most, and nothing makes me feel freer than being real. I believe that everything in this world originates in one of two things, love or fear. I also believe that we have the power to choose the way we see the world and our life, to choose how we perceive our experiences, that we are in charge of our lives and that we can create our own happiness. I wish myself, and everyone else, a life of all love and no fear, because even though fear can sometimes be a great motivator, I believe we will only find true peace and happiness in a place of love.

If you want to get in contact you can reach me at jonzonjarl@gmail.com, or through the contact page here.

All love and no fear,


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      1. I like to support things I really like. You and I have a lot in common. I will make an own post about your blog on my blog when I find your thoughts about life so inspiring (and wise as well). You have put words on many of my thoughts. Read or heard about Alan Watts? If not, have a look. Good luck with your journey!

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