We think about 50,000 thoughts per day. How does your split look like?


A few years back I started becoming more conscious of in what tense my thoughts are and when it is that I feel happy. My thoughts have always been very focused on my future and I’ve come to realize that I’m only happy and feel content when I have high expectations and hope for my future. 


This became very apparent about 1,5 years ago when I quit my career, left my home and my relationship. All of a sudden I had no expectations left for the future, I felt incredibly lost and had no idea where I was going. My reliance on expectations for the future almost threw me into depression. 


Since then I’ve been trying to become more rooted in the sense that I want more of my thoughts to be in the present. I want to stay more focused on the people, surroundings, and experiences I go through and to practice gratitude more. Meditation is a fantastic tool to become more present. I’ve also now started with yoga once a week which is also making wonders. 


My goal now is to get closer to 50% present and 40% future, for a more stable well-being. How does your split look like? 

All love and no fear,


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