TLP 30. Revisiting my old life


10 days back in Barcelona. So many emotions at once. I’m still in a stage of transformation and change, my life often seems messy and uncertain. The ups and downs more extreme than ever. 

This week was no exception. I love being back in Barcelona and the week was filled with many meaningful moments and meetings, much thanks to @lifeeditors, a community of like-minded, adventurous singles, but it’s also been melancholically nostalgic and reflective. It surprised me how certain emotions can almost timelessly be attached to a place, emotions you thought you had left in the past. How I back in Sthlm have moved on from my previous relationship but coming back here I had to face and deal with some of the emotions all over again. It’s almost like here time has been standing still.

I’m realizing that I’m still a bit away from landing and stabilizing in my new life, that I still have some ways to go before I get comfortable with the levels of uncertainty I have around my future. I wonder how people handle these amounts of uncertainty? It’s so difficult not to compare myself to others, and to realize that in some ways I’m still pretty far away from the life I dream of. 

My goal now is to focus more on the present, to ground myself, be more playful and try to enjoy the journey a bit more and don’t take things too seriously. I need to get back to routines, back to meditation and working out, to take care of myself emotionally and spiritually. Time to put my roots down.

All love and no fear,


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