Luck = when you create the right circumstances for opportunity to arrive


As part of our coaching sessions with @lifeeditors this past week, we read the short story “Good Luck”. It’s a fictional story about two knights who separately set out to find a clover of fortune in an enchanted forest. The way the two knights take on the challenge represents two very different ways of how you can view life and take control of your own fortune. 


While one knight sees every obstacle as a failure and gets more and more anxious in his search, the other one uses his curiosity to learn more and creates the right circumstances to maximize his chances instead. He swallows his pride and constantly asks ‘why’, and that makes all the difference. What I loved especially about the story was that the second knight felt satisfied and content with himself after having done everything he could, so much that he seemed less possessed than before with reaching his goal, he found joy from the process and knowing that he had done everything that could be done.


Find out what you really want out of life, ask yourself why and then visualize what things you need to happen to get there, what circumstances do you need to create for yourself to get there? And if there are obstacles or challenges, learn how to get around them by asking why they are there, rather than focusing on how they are stopping you. Get to the bottom of things. Never give up. Stay curious. Enjoy the process.

All love and no fear,


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