TLP 29. The past six months


Whew, what a spring and summer it’s been! Last time in January I talked about an emotional dip, but boy was there a roller coaster ride waiting for me after that. One thing is for sure, people who need a lot of stability and security should not be entrepreneurs, at least not the kinds that start things from the beginning. Everything just kind of melts together, life becomes like this one big sauce where every new ingredient can affect the entirety of the sauce in dramatic ways, very fast. 

Anyway, spring started fabulously with my technical co-founder quitting his daytime job in Gothenburg to move up to Stockholm to work with me. We also got a very talented girl working with us part-time. I finally had somewhat of a team! All of those days alone trying to piece this future together was finally over. Looking back, it was really tough starting up alone. If I ever do this journey again, I will team up with someone from the very start. It’s just so much more fun, and having a good time always makes it worth it.

So finally things were coming together, and it was looking good. We got admitted to one of the best startup incubators in Sweden and I had a team, a dream, and a plan. Then it’s back to that sauce thing again, where one ingredient can change the entire thing. My romantic relationship collapsed, this time for good. Even though at the end we both knew we couldn’t make it work, there was so much love so it was really tough. The rest of spring and far into summer was blurred. The sauce was sour. 

However, ingredient by ingredient it was coming back, to a perhaps even richer flavor than before. June 1st we signed an investment contract with three incredible investors who believed in our dream and believed in us to fulfill it. I felt so proud. The day of the signing (we signed electronically) we all sat in front of our laptops hitting the refresh button like children on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa Claus. The same day our company registration came through and we had an appointment with our bank lined up. It all felt surreal. The project I had been working with was now a company. A funded company with employees. 

It strangely didn’t feel at all what I expected it to feel. I expected to feel empowered, like when you reach one of your goals. Instead, it humbled me even further. It made me realize that we still hadn’t accomplished anything noteworthy, we have had next to zero impact on the world so far. We celebrated the milestone, but somehow I felt like there was nothing to celebrate, yet. It felt like coming back home after grocery shopping when you’re about to put on a masterful dinner. It was nice to have the ingredients, but the work was still ahead of us. 

At the start of summer, I signed two more employment contracts, and we were now 5 people working together day in and day out trying to build the first version of our product, an app to connect single people based on their personal values for more meaningful connections and relationships. I paid salaries, and I booked the cost. It actually started to feel more like a company than a project. It all started to feel real.

At the same time, wherever we went, whenever we talked about our dream, all we got was a positive response. Everybody seemed to believe in it, and more and more people wanted to work with us. I was riding the wave, and it felt great. 

I was asked if I wanted to pitch at a startup event for about a hundred people, and so last week I did. Since we already had funding, I decided to make an entertaining pitch with the main intention of myself having a good time and to connect with the people there. It just felt right to break the rules a bit and do my own thing (you were supposed to deliver an investor pitch). I had decided I wanted my playful side to come forth more in all aspects of my life, including the professional, so I went into it with the intention of being as playful and have as much fun as I could. I was literally vibrating from the adrenaline and excitement, and after, there was a cue of people lining up to talk to me! 

So here I am, realizing that I am inside that dream life I always have imagined for myself, or at least I am on my way towards it and my path is becoming clearer and clearer. I am crafting my own life on my own terms, I am taking responsibility for it. My personal beliefs and values are aligned with what I do on an everyday basis, and I’m working towards a dream to serve and to make the world a better place, in the way I’m most passionate about. 

Imagine that it all started with just listening to myself, my own intuition and just daring to take that first step towards it.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about the future.

All love and no fear,


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