TLP 16. The “sweet spot of life” – 3 simple lists to discover our calling, part 1.

This is a big one. This is the core essence of everything, the whole journey that I am doing towards getting to that elusive last percent of 100% happiness. This is the recipe, the blueprint, the road ahead. This is the key to everything. For a while now I have digested various existing knowledge and advice on finding your place in life into a model that I strongly believe in and I am calling it “The Sweet Spot of Life”. Why am I doing all this? Well, breaking stuff down and then putting it back together, structuring and organizing, is just my way of making sense of things, as well as adopting them as if they were my own. There’s a tremendous power in ownership.

There was an interesting article published in Forbes by Steven Kotler in 2015, demystifying the concept of passion. He outlined a scientific and simple way of how anyone could find passion simply by combining three or more things they are curious about, and then further impregnate their life with purpose by connecting these curiosities to a problem in the world that they would like to solve. It’s a great way to break down such an abstract concept and make it actionable, but to me there is a piece missing in this recipe for a life with significance and happiness. As I wrote in my third blog post here about my definition of success and key to happiness: to me, passion and purpose are two blocks out of three, and alone they are not enough for complete fulfillment.

Just because we are curious about a few things, and even though working with them would solve a problem in the world, doesn’t necessarily have to mean that we would be truly happy doing it. In my definition, I mention embracing and enjoying your everyday life and having the feeling that you’re living life to the fullest as the last key, in addition to passion and purpose. A big part of embracing and enjoying comes from our own internal perspective and how we choose to view things in our everyday life, but to reach a constant state of flow and fulfillment, to feel that we are living life to the fullest, I believe we need to do things that we truly love doing, things that bring us great joy.

To me, this is the missing part in Kotler’s model. Adding Love as a third dimension to finding your calling and lasting happiness completes the recipe. I am convinced, now more than ever, that this is my quest. The connection of these three dimensions is the key. The small area where these three intersect is the very sweet spot of life, the stardust that legends are made of, the magical flow state that we humans desire and dream of. The stuff that makes our time on earth feel larger than life. I am convinced this is where the magic is.

So, following the scientific advice of Mr. Kotler, I will make my lists, but I will do it my way. I will start with listing 20 things that I love to do and that bring me a feeling of joy. I will then list 15 things that I am curious about, and finally I will list 10 things that I would like to solve or improve. Then hopefully I will find the magic conjunction where three or more curiosities match at least one purpose and at least one thing that I love. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. I am expecting this process to take a bit of time, and I want to give it proper thought. I will share each list and write about each area in separate posts over the coming weeks. Why don’t you join me and do it yourself at the same time?

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.33.34 PMAll love and no fear,


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