TLP 14. I’m loving the freedom of time and space right now.

Yesterday afternoon I wasn’t feeling very inspired so I decided to leave the co-working house around 4 pm, head over to the supermarket and then stay at home. That break and change of atmosphere resulted in an explosion of inspiration. I discussed a new potential business venture with a friend in Sweden and sat in a trans-like state with the computer until past midnight researching the idea and contacting potential suppliers.

I also love the flexibility in the mornings. I wake up at 7 am and start the day with spending the first hour mainly on the computer with a coffee, working on my goals and values and perhaps responding to some messages, until I’m awake enough for a run. Then doing things like taking the time to enjoy a fresh coconut in the sun by the water, go for a swim and perhaps do some yoga or meditation before getting back to the computer or heading over to the co-working house, is just bliss. It doesn’t matter if it’s already 10 am after all this, starting the day with such high quality moments, peacefulness and zero stress just makes the rest of the day so much better, more focused and inspired. Another example from today was when I instantly got really tired after lunch. If I would have pushed on and continued working, the afternoon would perhaps have been with a level of energy and inspiration around 80%. Instead I plugged Spotify’s “Siesta” playlist into my ears and napped away 20 min in the hammock, and afterwards literally jumped straight back to the computer filled with renewed inspiration and energy at 100%.

To be able to adapt the day around when I feel the most inspired and motivated and to be able to adapt and change place and setting for my work really makes my time so much more effective. If I ever run my own company, a flexible working environment and time will be at the core of it. Oh, and there will definitely be hammocks! 😉

All love and no fear,


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