TLP 13. Health and physical condition really is the foundation of everything.

Today I had an amazing start of the day and it gave me a somewhat surprising amount of motivation and inspiration, I thought I should share my reflections. I have always known the importance of being physically active and I keep reminding myself that my health and physical condition is the foundation of everything else in my life. The quality of this foundation puts a limit to what’s possible in every other aspect of my life. It regulates my levels of energy, endurance, and creativity. It gives me motivation and inspiration that transcends everything else. It by itself gives me endorphins and a feeling of happiness. Yet, I forget and never truly understand what difference it makes until I have that strong foundation back again.

This morning was in many ways for me a dreamlike start of a day and a perfect way to build that foundation. I woke up early, made a cup of coffee and did some stretching exercises to wake up my body. I headed out for another shirtless 5km run (/tanning session) in my swim shorts along the beautiful lake surrounded by jungle coated mountain silhouettes, ending it with a fresh cold coconut. I stopped by one of the outdoor gym stations just by the water and did a few exercises, headed back to the house, took an outdoor shower by the pool, swam for a while, did some more exercises and then joined my friend for some yoga on the terrace. I don’t think I can imagine a better morning routine and I feel so fortunate and grateful right now for having these possibilities.

All love and no fear,


ps. Feel free to follow my Instagram account for more pictures of my day to day life (icon at the top of the page).


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