TLP 9. The contrasts of life just hit me hard.

Yesterday one of the girls moved out from the apartment and I upgraded from the balcony hammock to my own room. It made my life-change and move to Rio feel real, and it abruptly turned vacation into everyday life. It is quite safe to say that this is the smallest and simplest quarters I have ever resided in. When I went to bed last night it really hit me how extreme the contrasts of life can be. A year ago I lived alone in a luxurious 140m2 apartment in the best neighborhood of Barcelona, drove around in my convertible dream car and went on regular jet set vacations to places like LA and Miami signing off 10k bar bills without flinching. Now I live in a hot and quite dirty nook of about two square meters at the back of a kitchen, and I semi-panic over 40 euro restaurant bills.

Strangely, I am enjoying it. I have a tendency to romanticise these things. This is living life to the fullest, experiencing and living the extremes. I have to admit it though, when I went to bed in that small, hot room last night I did question for a minute what it is I have gotten myself into, I let fear reach me there for a second thinking that this could end up being my permanent life. But I quickly realized that it will not. Where I end up and how I will be living my life is completely up to me, it is my choice where I want life to take me, I’m in charge, and right now I have chosen to be here. There’s an immense power in owning your own life situation. However, as long as I dream big, stay focused and work hard, I truly believe that anything is possible. A very wise person once told me that we have so much more power over our lives than we think and make ourselves believe.

Coming back to extremes and contrasts in life, it really is a gift to be able to enjoy both sides of the spectrum. I am so thankful that I can enjoy the rough seas, sometimes even more than the calm and clear ones. I think the key is the mindset and awareness of that whatever situation you’re in, it’s temporary. Realizing that you perhaps only get to live this particular experience or moment once, even if it is a very challenging or tough one, makes it valuable. Also, one of the things I value the most is personal growth. Looking back at my life, my biggest decisions have always been determined by the potential for personal growth. And there is nothing that makes you grow more than when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone and challenge every conception of what life should be like. What doesn’t kill you truly makes you stronger.

All love and no fear,


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