TLP 8. Post carnival Netflix inspiration on passion and purpose.

Earlier this week we ended up bench watching a Netflix show called Chef’s table, almost like paralyzed in a post-carnival mode. I had no idea about the show but immediately loved it. Each episode is like a well made documentary about the life journey and philosophy of a star chef, a world I personally had very limited insight into before. I quickly realized that these chefs have exactly everything that I am looking for. They seem to already have that last percent of perfect happiness, they seem to know the secret to a fulfilling life.

They are probably among some of the most passionate people on this planet, but even more importantly they have a glass clear vision for why they are doing what they are doing. They are working towards a purpose and a mission that is bigger than themselves, they are creating a legacy for beyond their own lifetime.

One is obsessed with getting people to realize how much good and sustainable farming matters for the taste in food and to spread awareness through his cooking, another is all about reviving ancient Nordic foods and consequently culture by adapting them to today. They all have so very different stories, but what they have in common is an extreme passion and belief in what they do. They all seem to be euphoric and larger than life from working towards a vision bigger than themselves and for something that they believe will change the world for the better. That one single sharply defined mission and vision for their legacy seems to be the key that fills their lives with passion and purpose. By now, I am pretty convinced that this is where I need to start, to define my own burning desire for what I want to accomplish with this life, my life mission, and then work my way backwards.


All love and no fear,


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