TLP 7. My short-term plan.

I realize that for many of you reading this, it is probably not very clear what I am doing, how I am spending my days and why I am in Brazil. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, it’s not super clear to me either, and that is the beauty of it. I believe that the path to where we need to go is not one we can find or create ourselves, the path is created by our experiences, the people we meet and the ideas we share. However, I do have a plan.

My humble opinion is that you always need a vision of where your life is heading and a purpose for the way you’re spending your time, otherwise there is a risk you might be wasting it, and there is nothing we will regret wasting more than time. So, my last day as an employee was last Friday Feb 24, and I went to the airport that same night to catch a flight to Rio de Janeiro. Since it timed perfectly with carnival my plan was to spend the first week doing nothing else than to celebrate life with one of my closest friends Maxim, with whom I’m staying here, and to celebrate my own new life change. I have a return flight to Barcelona on April 30th, which gives me exactly two months left here in Brazil.

Maxim is since a year and a half back an aspiring entrepreneur here in Rio, and he and his business partner is also running a co-working space for start-ups in a beautiful old colonial house in Santa Teresa, a super cozy old neighborhood up on the hill in Rio, characterized by its many steep cobblestone streets. For me, starting up my journey with two months here was the perfect opportunity to break my daily routines, get a complete change of surroundings, and to jump straight into his life and routines, complete with everything from a desk space to morning yoga. This way I figured I would get a head start, skip the adjusting time of setting up new routines and get straight to work. Perhaps even more importantly, I am hoping that meeting new people and being surrounded by entrepreneurs and creative dreamers is the inspiration I need to figure out my own situation.

So, what is work for me right now, what will I do at that desk space during my two months here? Well, I suspect there will be a great deal of reflecting, writing and planning around what I want to devote the rest of my life to, with the overall key goal to define my own life mission, but more concretely I have two main focuses for right now. One is figuring out a way to survive financially in the short to mid term, to create a “side hustle” based on the many business ideas that I have. More concretely, to return to Europe with a proper business plan.

The other one is writing. A couple of years ago I did an unbelievable trip around the world without flying, and it turned out to be an absolutely incredible adventure crossing the great oceans and whole continents. I couldn’t believe the experiences and people I met along the way, I just had to take tons of notes every day, and a dream has been to one day turn all of those notes and memories into a nonfiction novel to be able to properly share this adventure. I am currently taking online classes in creative writing (check out the app Coursera, they have tons of great online certified classes of all kinds for free!), so I will level that up a notch, structure the story and then start writing.

One of my first actions will be to create a daily hourly schedule of when I will do what. I believe that in order to achieve legendary things, we need a healthy dose of structure and self-discipline, to be consistent and most importantly to make steady progress each day.


All love and no fear,


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