TLP 5. I just moved to Brazil!

Well, I’ll only be here until May, but it feels like a move, I no longer have any permanent home. There is really only one reason for why I moved here, a friend. One of my oldest, and closest friends who has built himself a life in Rio de Janeiro.

I felt like I needed a physical and disruptive break to start my new life, and more importantly he already lives a life similar to what I aspire to get to, a life full of dreams and hope, on his own terms. The opportunity to jump straight into already carved routines for a penniless entrepreneur, complete with a mattress to sleep on in my own little kitchen annex and a shared desk in a co-working house, sounded just perfect to me. I am hoping that here I can get the inspiration and kick start to propel my own journey.

Right now it’s Carnival so Brazil is on fire, nobody is working, everybody is celebrating. It is the perfect way to start a new life, celebrating. We have a full house in this little two bedroom Botafogo apartment with balcony views of the Christ statue, a “family” of three guys, four girls, and two dogs in a constant euphoric and celebratory state. It’s messy, it’s chaotic, it’s amazing and I love it. For the third early morning now, I wake up at first daylight (I’m currently residing in one of the hammocks on the balcony over carnival), to people already playing one of the four guitars and the drum, singing, jumping and dancing, while getting ready with costumes and glitter. My friend and his Brazilian girlfriend have friends playing in the more local blocos (basically a complete freaking orchestra surrounded by a crowd of dancing, smiling and laughing people dancing along, occupying the streets of downtown Rio), so we get WhatsApp messages each day of where to go and when, but apparently the best ones are early in the morning. We dance, sing, smile and laugh all day long on streets surrounded by people celebrating life, until we cannot physically move any more. I don’t think I even realize myself how much I need this. This is how life should be celebrated!


All love and no fear,


ps. Check out my Instagram account for Carnival images! (link at the top and to the right)

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