TLP 3. My three keys to Happiness

I decided to lift out my definition of success from the previous post as I truly believe that having this perspective and working towards this, is the key to happiness. I am 100% convinced that


1. doing things you are passionate about,

2. working towards a meaningful purpose, and

3. embracing and enjoying your everyday life,


is what will bring long-term fulfillment, and what will make you look back at your life on your death bed and smile with no regrets. These are the three areas I will devote 100% of my time and focus on defining in the foreseeable future, and literally everything I publish or share on this page will fall into one or several of these three categories.


“Success to me is finding and doing something you are passionate about, living life to the fullest and working towards a clear mission that you find meaningful.”


All love and no fear,


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